Mt. Abram High School


Mt Abram Community Service Corner

All students at Mt Abram HS complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service.  Here we will highlight some of the ways our students serve our communities!

My name is Raymond Richard and I am from Phillips. I am in grade ten at Mt. Abram High School. I’m a Jr Volunteer Fire Fighter for the Phillips Fire Department. I can do every thing that a normal fire fighter can do except gointo a inside attack on a fire. Also, I cannot take a person out of a car at a car accident. Somethings involve training that I cannot take until I am eighteen years old.

I chose to be a fire fighter because I enjoy helping my town and people. It also gives me a good start working in the community. I would like to be a detective for the FBI or an officer of the law.


Benjamin Dudley, a senior, from Phillips helps his father, Dana, with setting up for the Phillips Scarecrow Reunion. Benjamin has been volunteering for this community event since he was ten years old.