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Technology Resources

Check out these helpful sites:

Name of Resource Uses Visit the Site
Khan Academy Assign Lessons and Units Visit Khan
Google's Applied Digital Skills Curriculum Menu Find Lessons and Units on Tech Skills Digital Skills Menu
ISTE Standards for Students Asses Lessons and Units View the Standards Learn and Teach Coding Coding Courses
Scratch Learn Coding and get Inspired by Shared Projects Coding Online
Google's Made with Code Examples of Coding Projects and Games Visit Made with Code
Common Sense Education's Digital Compass Digital Citizenship Interactive Game Play and Learn
Be Internet Awesome by Google Digital Literacy Interactive Curriculum and Game Play and Learn
CollegeInfoGeek Resources for High Schoolers and Teachers Geek Out
Google's Search Education Home Page Teaching Information Literacy Teach and Learn
TEDEd, Lessons Worth Sharing Video-based Lesson Plans Visit TEDEd Video Resources for Important Historical Events See the Site
Life Magazine's Photo Archive A Picture is Worth 10000 Words Browse the Archive
Google's Arts and Culture Photos, Artifacts and Collections Get Lost in It Assign Lessons for ELA Learning and Practice Visit Quill
Google's Reading Comprehension Practice Start Reading Educational Game Archive Start Playing Practice ELA Basics Visit EnglishGrammar Learn and Practice Good Typing Start Here
The Math Learning Center Use these free Math Apps Check it out
The Digital Maine Library Excellent Resource for Research Start Reading

Online Professional Development

Check out these helpful sites:

Name of Resource Uses Visit the Site
ISTE Educator Standards International Society for Technology in Education Standards for Educators View them Here
PowerSource by PowerSchool Learn the Basics of PowerSchool Sign In Here Access Training Resources Visit edWeb
Google for Education Training Center Learn all about Google Apps for the Classroom Start Learning

Staying Safe Online

Make Learning about Cyber Civics Fun

Reviews of Common Apps with a Focus on Your Child's Privacy

The Basics of Staying Safe Online for Teens & Adults

All the Information You Need to Fortify Yourself

PC Magazine's Tips for Shopping Safely Online,2817,2373130,00.asp

Google's Tips for a Fresh Start on Online Safety!/collection/online-safety?type=collections

Check Out this Blog for all kinds of Reviews and Resources with a Focus on Privacy

Check Out this Article and Video on How to Avoid Online Trackers & Adds

“Technical skills are not enough. The modern workplace requires that one have less tangible skills including the ability to collaborate with others, interpersonal skills, creativity and problem solving skills to name a few,”

- Anthony Saba, Boise State University