MSAD 58 is working to ensure the safety and health of our staff, students and community. Please check back for updates and resources

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Food Service Information (added 8:30 pm 3/16)

Dear Parents and Caregivers

We have feeding sites available, that will serve a free breakfast and a free lunch to any child, the only requirement is that they can eat and are between the age of 0 to 18. Children are not required to eat onsite, just pickup and go.

If transportation or the ability to reach a site is an issue please contact Dora York Food Services and we will work to find a solution.

Meals will start TOMORROW 3/17/2020

Breakfast will consist of cereal, juice and milk. Lunch will be a sandwich, fresh fruit, fresh veggies and Milk

  • Strong School will have meals available to pickup at the kitchen door (out back). Meals will be available from 10 AM to 11AM Monday thru Friday
  • Phillips Elementary will have meals available to pick up at their kitchen door from 10AM to 11 AM Monday thru Friday
  • Mt Abram will have meals available to pick up at the kitchen door out back as well from 10AM to 11AM also Monday thru Friday
  • Kingfield Elementary School is not yet a site as they do not meet the 50% Free and Reduced Lunch Count, if this changes we will notify families. KES students can still pick up food at any location, regardless of participation in the program.

Updates to MSAD 58 Food service meal bus routes (3/18/2020 @ 2:30 pm)

In an effort to reach more children, and for the safety of everyone we will implement the following dropoffs, starting Thursday March 19.

Bus #1

  • Depart Strong School at 9:40
  • Foster building 9:45-10:15.
  • Country Delight 10:20-10:30
  • Valley Brook Store 10:40-10:50
  • Paul G Whittemore Library 10:55-11:15
  • Returning River road, stopping near Strong Cemetery 11:30.


  • Depart Mt Abram at 945
  • Skowhegan savings bank in Kingfield 10-1025
  • Carrabassett coffee 1030-1040
  • Tranten's Market 1050-11
  • Returning to Mt Abram

Anyone along these routes wanting meals, without transportation to the drop sites, please email Dora York, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Please be courteous to businesses and leave room for their patrons. When at the intersections please park on the sides of the road, park so others can go by or also park. We want to get the meals to kids quickly and safely for anyone wanting them.

We have set up guest WiFi networks at all of the schools for community use. They can all be accessed from the parking lot with no password. Below is the name of the network for each school and the location from which it can be accessed:

Kingfield - network name is "KES-Guest" and it can be accessed from the front parking lot

Mount Abram - network name is "mlti-guest" and it can be accessed from the back parking lot

Phillips - network name is "PES-Guest" and it can be accessed from the back parking lot

Strong - network name is "SES-Guest" and it can be accessed from the front parking lot