Mission Statement


It is the responsibility of MSAD# 58’s school community to prepare all students to become productive, caring citizens of our democracy.

Guiding Beliefs

Education is a shared responsibility:

Education is a shared responsibility among students, parents, employees and community.

Community and schools must be integrated in learning and work.

Flexibility and Decision Making:

Students must be given the opportunity for choices regarding their learning and be responsible for their decisions.

Individual schools should be allowed to operate with flexibility within the boundaries established in the district.

Decisions made in MSAD #58 should be made as closely as possible to their level of implementation.

Professional Development

Continuous, visible support of the adults in the school community must be given in order to create and sustain school communities that support the learning of students. Students best learn and lead by observing good role models.

The district must provide opportunities for teachers to work and learn together. (i.e. study groups, action research).

Diversity of Learning

All children can learn at high levels, but not always the same way or at the same time. Teaching practices must reflect knowledge about diversity of learning. The uniqueness of people must be valued.

Safe and Healthy Learning Environment

Every student is entitled to a safe, supportive, clean and caring learning environment.

Risk Taking

Schools that promote learning must encourage risk taking and support emerging learners.


New technologies that support learning must be integrated in all facets of the educational process.

A Structure for Systematic Improvement

MSAD #58 must create a structure and culture for continuous learning. Inquiry, assessment and reflection must become a part of every school, and every learner.

Adopted 7/13/04