Statement About Staff Member Travel Concerns

A number of parents have expressed concern about the possible exposure of one of our staff to the Ebola virus due to this staff member’s recent travels to Dallas, Texas.  At this time, we have no information to suggest that … Continue reading

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MSAD 58 Teachers and Administrators Examine District-wide Data to Make Academic Plans

Led by Dr. Erica Brouillet 20 teachers and 6 administrators of MSAD #58 look at three years of student data to implement a new three year Academic Improvement Plan for the district.  Teachers representing all schools and grades are learning to … Continue reading

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News from our Schools…

Phillips 5th Grade Mucking About in a Vernal Pool

The students found caddis fly larva, fairy shrimp, amoeba, daphnia, rotifer, volvox, spirogyra, copepods, tree frog eggs, salamander eggs, tad poles, stentor, paramecium, and diving beetle and many other interesting critters. They are still searching for the elusive hydra. No students were lost in the muck! The students later went to the coast to compare the vernal pool to a tidal pool.