Statement About Staff Member Travel Concerns

A number of parents have expressed concern about the possible exposure of one of our staff to the Ebola virus due to this staff member’s recent travels to Dallas, Texas.  At this time, we have no information to suggest that … Continue reading

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MSAD 58 Teachers and Administrators Examine District-wide Data to Make Academic Plans

Led by Dr. Erica Brouillet 20 teachers and 6 administrators of MSAD #58 look at three years of student data to implement a new three year Academic Improvement Plan for the district.  Teachers representing all schools and grades are learning to … Continue reading

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News from our Schools…

Schools Encourage “Positive Peer Relationships”

In December, all middle school students in the district were invited to Phillips School for a presentation by the Veayo twins.  Kristen and Katherine Veayo are 18-year-old seniors at Hall-Dale High School. Victims of bullying throughout their early days in elementary school and on into high school, these amazing young ladies are now more than just survivors. They are victors on a mission to share a positive message with young people everywhere.

Both agreed emphatically that “the utmost first thing” a victim must do is tell someone. It is not tattling, they assured their audience. Tell someone, stand up for yourself, and know that you are not alone.

They also pointed out that there is a third role in the bullying scenario. The greatest percentage of participants in bullying are the bystanders. Though these people may not be directly involved in the bullying, “bystanders are just as guilty as the bully.”

Learn more about Kristen’s and Katherine’s music and their message on their website, TheVeayoTwins.com.

Emily Yearwood, Education Coordinator for the Franklin County Children’s Task Force has been working in our schools with students at all age levels.  Emily has focused on developing positive peer relationships and responsible and safe use of the Internet and digital communications.

We are in the process of scheduling an Internet Safety night for parents and community members.  It is scheduled for Monday, January 13th at 6:30pm at the Strong School.  Please join us for this very important and informative session.