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Maine School Administrative District 58

RSU 58

Avon, Kingfield, Phillips and Strong

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Next School Board meeting is Wednesday, January 29th, 2020, 6:30 PM @ SES. The Finance Committee and Facilities, Maintenance, and Transportation Committee meetings have been rescheduled for that night as well.

Policy Committee meeting scheduled for this evening (1/14/20) has been cancelled.

School Year Calendar 2019 - 2020


Bus Routes 2019-2020

MSAD #58 Bus Routes

(Times are approximate & subject to change)


Kingfield Run (Bus 20)

Depart KES at 6:40; West Kingfield Road- 6:45; Tufts Pond Road- 6:55; Rt. 16 to Narrow Gauge Road- 7:00; West Branch/Rt. 16- 7:05; Freeman Ridge Road- 7:10; Kingfield Elementary School- 7:30

Kingfield- Salem- Freeman Run (State Bus)

Depart KES at 6:40; Foster Hill Road- 6:50; Baker Hill Road- 6:55; Lovejoy Road- 7:00; Reed Road- 7:05; Howard Road- 7:10; Salem Road- 7:15; School Street- 7:20; Sumner Street- 7:25; Kingfield Elementary School- 7:30; Mt Abram HS- 7:45

Highland/ Lexington/ Freeman Ridge Road Run (State Bus)

Depart KES to Highland- 6:05; Sandy Stream Road- 6:35; Long Falls Dam Road- 6:40; Riverside Street- 6:55; Indian Stream Road- 7:00; Stanley Avenue- 7:10; Maple Street- 7:20; Depot Street- 7:28; Kingfield Elementary School- 7:30; Strong Elementary School- 7:45


Madrid- Toothaker Pond Run (Bus 22)

Salem Road- 6:25; East Madrid Road- 6:30; Bray Hill/E. Madrid Road- 6:35; Toothaker Pond Road- 6:40; Fish Hatchery Road- 6:45; Reeds Mill Road- 6:55; Rangeley Road- 7:00; Toothaker Pond Road- 7:10; Number 6 Road- 7:20; Rangeley Road- 7:25; Phillips Elementary School- 7:30

Phillips In-town Run [Elementary Students Only] (Bus 22)

Depart PES at 7:30; Dodge Road- 7:35; Russell Street- 7:38; Park Street- 7:40; Old Blake Hill- 7:45; Return to PES- 7:50

Rt. 4 & Avon Valley Run (Bus 21)

Depart Strong Elementary at 6:50; Rangeley Road- 6:55; Deer Run Drive- 7:10; Avon Valley Road- 7:15; Hare Street- 7:20; Phillips Elementary School- 7:30; (All MTA Students will board Bus 25); Depart PES at 7:30 for Special Education Run; Arrive at Strong 8:00

In-Town Phillips & Mile Square Road Run (Bus 25)

Depart Bus Garage at 6:30; Tori Hill Road- 6:40; Parlin Road- 6:50; Bridge Street- 6:55; Mile Square Road- 7:00; Cross Road- 7:10; River Road- 7:15; Pleasant Street- 7:20; Sawyer Street- 7:25; Dodge Road- 7:30; Main Street- 7:35; Ross Avenue- 7:38; Pinkham Hill Road- 7:40; Phillips Elementary School- 7:42; Blake Hill Road- 7:45; Park Street- 7:48; Salem Road to Mt. Abram HS- 7:55


South Strong Run (Bus 14)

Depart SES at 6:45; South Strong Road- 6:50; Rt. 4/ Farmington Road- 7:00; Chandler Road- 7:20; Strong Elementary Road- 7:30

Lambert Hill Road (Bus 1)

Depart SES at 6:45; River Road- 6:55; Montfort Drive- 7:10; Burbank Hill Road- 7:15; Lambert Hill Road- 7:20; River Street- 7:25; Strong Elementary School- 7:30

Norton Hill Run (Bus 23)

Depart SES at 6:30; Norton Hill Road- 6:35; Pond Road- 6:40; Taylor Hill Road- 6:45; Back to Norton Hill- 6:50; Spaulding Road- 6:55; Pillsbury Road- 7:00; Hunter Road- 7:05; Church Hill Road- 7:20; Strong Elementary School- 7:30

Strong/ Freeman Bus (Bus 24)

Depart Bus Garage at 6:35; Baker Hill Road- 6:40; Foster Hill Road- 6:45; Cook Hill Road- 6:50- Gilkey Hill Road- 6:55; West Freeman Road- 7:00; True Hill Road- 7:05; Tori Hill Road- 7:15; Brookside Lane- 7:20; North Main Street- 7:25; Strong Elementary School- 7:30 Bus Departs with High School students to Mt. Abram- 7:40; Arrive at Mt. Abram HS- 7:55


Foster Tech Run (Bus 3)

Depart SES at 6:05; Jordan Lumber/ Kingfield- 6:25; Skowhegan Savings Bank- 6:30; Mt. Abram HS- 6:40; Local Bull/ Phillips- 6:55; White Elephant in Strong via Rt. 4- 7:10; Arrive at Foster Tech/ Mt. Blue HS- 7:45

MSAD #58 is a small, rural school district in the Western Mountains of Maine and includes the towns of Phillips, Avon, Kingfield, and Strong.

We have three K-8 elementary schools and one high school serving students in grades 9-12. Our current enrollment is approximately 665 students with approx. 183 of the students residing outside of the district. The non-resident students are from the Unorganized Territories of Madrid, Salem, and Freeman Townships; and the tuitioning towns of Eustis, Carrabassett Valley, Highland Plantation, and Coplin Plantation.

One of our largest challenges is geography as our district covers over 500 square miles and encompasses several non-district towns and unorganized territories.

Mission Statement

It is the responsibility of MSAD# 58’s school community to prepare all students to become productive, caring citizens of our democracy.