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Technology Director: Jared Young
Technicians: Cara Wheeler, Hope Gould
Data Specialist: Amanda Haines
The MSAD 58 technology department is dedicated to providing technical support for our students and teachers. We service a wide variety of equipment including:

All teacher and student laptops, desktops and ipads

All networking hardware and software, wifi, firewalls, servers

IP Telephone System

Software Administration: Email, MobyMax, IXL
If you have any technical needs or questions please send an email to we will respond to your request as quickly as possible!
Parents: Are you looking for help checking out an app for your kids, or maybe wondering how to help keep your kids safer online?
Common Sense Media is an excellent resource for parents, students and teachers! They have book reviews, movie reviews, game reviews, as well as some really great material on Cybersafety and Cyberbullying. Check them out!