School Year 2022-2023 Information

The survey below has been mailed to all PreK to 7th Grade families.
If yours does not arrive or you need another copy please contact Central Office.
Feel free to download and complete the survey, return to your student's school. 

Attendance Area by Physical Address is as follows:

Phillips Elementary School- Norton Hill Road, Pond Road, Spaulding Road, Pillsbury Road, Hunter Road, Taylor Hill Road, River Road, River Street, Burbank Hill Road, Montfort Drive, Lambert Hill Road, South Strong Road, and Route 4 North to Madrid(All inclusive Roads accessed by these streets/roads will attend Phillips Elementary School.) All roads that previously were to attend PES will remain as they have been.


Kingfield Elementary School- Beginning in Strong- North Main Street, Baker Hill Road, Foster Hill Road, Salem Road, West Freeman Road, Gilkey Hill Road, Cook Hill Road and all points North towards Kingfield inclusive of all Kingfield, Lexington, Highland, Freeman Ridge shall attend Kingfield Elementary School.


All Grades 5-8 shall attend the Strong Elementary School as the newly formed middle school. There are (currently 9) students identified by Laureen that will be attending the SES Day Treatment program that will continue attending Strong Elementary School.